Coming up on the fourth year in this game, and I am learning each and every day. Lately besides building brand catalog and inventory I have been focusing on personal health as well as community work.

Working with Non-Profit Organizations such as Samoan Community Development Center, Anamatangi Polynesian Voices, Samoan Solutions, Top Flyte Entertainment, Living Room Media, and Central Valley Pacific Islander Alliance, over the last couple years has greatly reinforced my vision for this brand.

I could go on and on about what I got in my head but I figure its better to just put that work in about it. 

My physical health has become something I have been focusing on lately as well.

An old friend reminded me to get that dawg back in me, what good is all this hustling if I cant enjoy it later? Really struck a nerve with me, plus, ya boy is trying to fit better in first class. Not an athlete anymore though, so this shit finna be crucial. 

Learning how to move forward with purpose. Unlearning the constant underestimation of my ability to make it happen. 

A phrase, motto and mindset I have been putting to use lately has been



This stands for consistency,resiliency and brilliancy, 

Consistency, I am speaking of the work that becomes boring, monotonous,  but is necessary to maintain the advancement toward whatever goal you are trying to achieve. They might think it happened over night, but real ones know. 

Resiliency, is realizing that the struggles, griefs, blessings, joys and pains in this life come wave after wave, we must learn to keep our head above water through it all. Keep those close to you who are helping you stay afloat. Let go of every and anything that is pulling you down. 

The brilliancy being the beautiful sight of seeing our loved ones achieve their goals, work through their adversity and not lose their sense of hope for the future. Ed Mabrey, one of my favorite poets, once said 

"Ignore any reflection of who you are, until you are forced to know the reflection of your character, by the reflection of you, in the smiles or frowns of people you meet, so make all your mirrors flesh."

Get yo shine on!!! 

Praying for the people of Maui during this time, I can't imagine what they are going through right now, I am doing my best to build my own personal funds up, in hopes to send it to good friends that have been affected, possibly create a design for a shirt where all the profits go to a valid fund. Seeing the community come together in this time is truly humbling, it reminds me of what is really important. 

Life goes on, time marches forward, we still got work to do yall. 

I am praying peace and blessings over all of you, Big Love to those who have supported, and who are supporting LE VASA ISLAND APPAREL. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. You know what it is, its WAVE AFTER WAVE for yall.

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