Reach Out

One of the biggest things I've learned lately is that if you need help, reaching out is the first thing you should do. You might be insecure or scared of being rejected but the upside is a lot bigger than the downside. I am slowly learning more and more about building this brand because people who I look up to took time out of their day to help me. A blessing no doubt, but what's tough is maintaining a sense of motivation through the process. After getting all this help and game from my mentors, I'm left there with a quiet moment before the storm. That is the moment that alway hits me like BOOM!! Apply it!! Everything you learned thus far...APPLY IT!!! Anything you've ever learned help someone else learn it!! Everything comes full circle whether it be good or bad, be very cautious about what you put into the world. Just a quick note for today thank you all for your love and support. I hope and pray that you and yours are staying safe and staying healthy. 

Love & Light



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