Dont burnout, keep it lit.

Today I am reminded of the USO JP with Mobbligated famous phrase


I love this phrase because it doesn't mean to neglect your own self care, NEVER NOT WORKING means that even when you are resting you are working on yourself. 

Whether you are a kid dealing with school, parents dealing with the kids, athletes trying to maintain a healthy body, someone dealing with depression or grief, 

Burnout hits as hard as it does because you are keeping your body and mind in a prolonged state of stress. As opposed to a state of flow. (Keep in mind im not a professional, just someone who takes stock of his own emotions when I need to.)

You gotta find space to hold for yourself and your loved ones to share whats on your mind, what is making you anxious, what is something that is weighing you down, finding professional help through licensed therapists is nothing to be embarassed about either, 

With every other aspect of health we want qualified and certified professionals attending to us, same thing with mental health. 

Take the step to find professionals if it is needed. 

Lately I have been in my head with trying to build capital for Brand Building, new designs for the merch, and trying to carryout my bookkeeping in a more efficient manner. As well as trying to build a community presence in my hometown of Modesto CA. Not enough time in the day really, always ahead and behind in some parts.

My physical health has become a priority because my loved ones want me to be healthy enough to see the vision I have play out. They want me to be there when their kids grow up and be a part of their life, rather than being offended I take that encouragement and accept it with love and a new found vigor to get some shit poppin!!!

Some creative writing in the works as far as scripts and some fictional novels are coming into play. Getting back into my first passion which is writing/poetry. 

Look, I pray that you are taking care of yourself, and pouring into your own cup so that you may better pour into others. I pray you are surrounded by love and light. 

To repeat what my brothers and sisters are always telling me, 

"Take of yourself, I need you, you gotta be there wit me when it pop off!!!"

Ayeee, Good Luck, Go CRAZY!!!

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