Continued Works, The one you feed, Keeping that same energy

I've always been thinking about an idea called "Continued Work". The things that are the most powerful in our lives are the things that we 'continue' to do, whether it be good or bad. 

If you make a mistake, take time to learn from that, do better the next time but if you continue to make that SAME mistake, you continue to keep yourself down. 

If you create healthy habits, those healthy habits will only serve you if you continue those habits. 

This idea of Continued works is not new at all. I just learned to understand it this way.

While building this brand, I have learned how to screen print, how to create an amazon merch account, how to work with Plastisol transfers, how to create e mail marketing campaigns(something I have not done lately). I have wasted many shirts and a lot of ink in the learning process but I continued to learn it through and through!!! 

The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have yet to learn.

I will continue to learn, I will continue to take care of my body and mind.

Remember that it is what you continue to do that has power in your life.

If you are going through the darkness of depression or self-doubt and anxiety and you do not reach out to your loved ones or a professional, you are CONTINUING to KEEP yourself down. I encourage anyone reading this to start reaching out if you feel that way. 

Continue to reach out, continue to give yourself every chance to get out of it. 

Love & Light to you and yours 




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