Break it down

The last couple months have been an intense faith exercise for me. Leaning more on Gods love and light. I have big ambitions and sometimes they may keep me from living in the moment and actually appreciating the process. 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself to decrease the scale in which I deal with things. 

If the years ahead of me ( God willing ) are too daunting of an idea, I break them down into months, then weeks, then days, then hours, then minutes, then moments. With shirts, with creative ideas, with writing, one thing at a time. 

I have to break it down and build it back up to see things differently and give me that spark again. It has to be a conscious effort. You have to know that with Gods help you WILL make it happen. 

You gotta break your mountains down into molehills, not the other way around. 

With the holiday season around the corner, remember to take stock of the year thus far. Where are you at with yourself? Where do you want to be? Start breaking that mountain down right now. 

I leave you with a word, from the Late Great Reverend, Taulau Tupua,

"Do YOUR BEST, and God WILL DO the Rest!!"

Love & Light Y'all



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