3 years in.

Today is the brands birthday, we started on Dec.8 2019 on a broken laptop with a couple designs and somewhat of a vision. The world turned upside down soon after and I lost some family and friends since the start. We've been on the road to hit festivals out of state and I am so humbled and honored by all the support the WAVE has received thus far. I want to make one thing completely unequivocally clear. 


Not really, I'm learning and applying knowledge learned to make leaps and bounds in everything but I want to let you know that my faith and attitude have everything to do with that. 

From learning how drop Social Media posts for more traction certain times of the day, or learning how to print different types of garments, or learning to create email marketing campaigns, I am throwing myself to the wolves each and every time I have to learn something new.

I say that to say that I look at myself critically first before I move forward with confidence, I leave no room for doubt, if I am wrong I will be wrong, but if I'm right oh we running it up!!!

My friends would ask why I'm so calm and collected but honestly its just faith in God. I look at it this way, 

I give all of my worries and bad habits to God and pray. What he has given me in return can only be understood by watching me work. Respectfully. 

I gave God all of my doubt and he instilled in me the unwavering confidence of conviction. 

I gave God my lack of self love, and he surrounded me with family and friends who would be the foundation of Le VASA. 

I gave God my lack of discipline...and shoot I am still praying he helps me out with that soon because I know that is the next step in moving forward with the business and physical and mental health as well but hey, I'm living life in real time bear with me.  

Look I want whoever reading this to understand that barring any inescapable tragedies that could ever cross your path, when it comes to this blessing of life, you have enough time to get it wrong. 

Love y'all



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